What Not to Say to Ladies
“Jaywalking is endemic in this town, but street harassment probably worsens it. Not only have catcallers turned otherwise innocuous women into key-wielding vigilantes with pepper spray guns, they’ve made us into street-crossing outlaws too.”

Man on the Street: Catcalls perpetuate rape culture
“Catcalling isn’t about a woman “asking for” anything — it’s about a man asserting his so-called dominance by imposing his unwanted self on unsuspecting passersby. Even so, I shouldn’t have to dress with any man’s sex drive in mind — his actions are not my responsibility.”

Scooter driver recounts white-knuckle road experiences
“Riding a scooter isn’t easy. Well, OK, it’s pretty easy; you just kind of sit and go. But riding the line between bicycle and motorcycle — sometimes literally — has its challenges.”

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