What It’s Like to Be Transgender in Athens
“It’s not an easy journey. Cruze says some acquaintances continue using feminine pronouns around him. Every day brings new challenges to living the life he was meant to live.”

Athens Pagans Face Many Misconceptions
“Paganism is pretty DIY. Followers of the various paths freely modify and combine various pieces of them to create their own religions, meaning nary a pair of Pagans believes the same thing. One thing everyone agrees on, though, is a belief in and respect for the divine in nature.”

COSAC Cares for Homeless Gays
“COSAC is a safe space, one where sexuality is seldom a source of conflict — unlike in the outside world. Cononie says the marginalization residents experience, regardless of sexual orientation, makes them more tolerant.”

Lifelines: The life cycle of a psychic, from ‘talented’ kid to clairvoyant life coach
Marks’ business location, which doubles as her home, has been in her family for 50 years; her mother marketed psychic services there before her. In her reading room, Catholic images and Bible verses surround the glass case that contains her crystals and tarot cards.”

On the Mind: Stigma of seeking mental health counseling challenging in college atmosphere
“Students readily confess to the physical exhaustion and malnutrition of a coffee-and-Ramen-fueled college existence — there is no shame in sleep deprivation and excessive sodium intake. But many are reluctant to acknowledge the prevalence of an equally physical and more serious issue — mental illness.

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