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Georgia artist continues her freak folk sound with new album
“Released by Neurotic Yell Records, the album is a cacophony of alt-country, psychedelic madness. Saxophone, organ, violin and trumpet join keyboard, guitar and percussion in sonic combinations that are sometimes dissonant and often unsettling.”

Hope for Agoldensummer accentuates folk in Americana festival
“An otherwise ethereal performance was interrupted by Claire’s blunt humor — each instrument change allowed a dirty joke or droll anecdote, as if songs about malt liquor and collard greens weren’t already enough to keep the audience in high spirits.

Now Showing!: ‘Castle in the Sky’ authentic tale of friendship
“Comical street brawls, flaring gunfire and fiery explosions – including one that suspiciously resembles the H-bomb — ridicule senseless violence and militarism. However, the only dead bodies to be seen are those of robots.”

‘And I Feel Fine’ rebels against the end of the world
“Tiny rice paper caves litter the floor in an arrangement that looks like the remnants of a small-scale apocalypse. The caves stand defiantly in the middle of the gallery floor, demanding recognition and daring passersby to take one wrong step.”

Taste Buds: Salacious treats for Valentine’s Day sweet tooths
“What is it about chocolate that makes people feel romantic? Phenylethylamine. That’s what it is. But even without such a chemical coursing through my veins, I’d take a chocolate cupcake over a boy any day in February.”

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