Should Daily Groceries Co-op Start Selling Meat?
“After 20 years as a (mostly) vegetarian establishment, Daily Groceries Co-op is talking about selling meat. Historically, the co-op has always offered little in the way of animal flesh. Exceptions included cat food, some fish and local turkeys at Thanksgiving. Now, its board of directors is talking about bringing in the red stuff.”

The Push for a Plastic Bag Fee Is Picking Up in Athens
“It’s no secret that plastic bags are, well, terrible. They’re made from nonrenewable petroleum; they’re non-biodegradable, and they take up valuable space in landfills. They kill sea turtles, clog drains and fly off garbage trucks to settle in tree canopies and water sources for eternity.”

UGA Employees Fight for Domestic Partner Benefits
“Georgia doesn’t recognize same sex-marriages and prohibits spending state funds on benefits for unmarried employees’ partners. Kirin and other UGA employees say they feel targeted by that policy, which they say discriminates against gay employees and hurts faculty and staff recruitment and retention.”

Hendershot’s forced to move shop
“After two and a half years of bringing bands, beer and caffeine to the western reaches of Athens, Hendershot’s Coffee Bar must vacate its Oglethorpe Avenue location. Owner Seth Hendershot said the decision to move arose last week after six months of negotiation between the Hendershot’s and Transmetropolitan owners ended without compromise.”

Historic soul food restaurant Weaver D’s up for sale
“There is a lime green building just east of downtown Athens where Weaver D’s has served up soul food for 27 years. A cookbook, an American Classic award and an R.E.M. album name later, the business and building are up for sale.”

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