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Chattanooga Dreaming: Coming Home to Southern Sandstone
“I’d felt true terror atop boulders and on lead, but moving to Quito was scarier by far. I had to navigate a new city and culture in my second language, far from my support systems. A world away from the only town I’d ever lived in, climbing connected me to my new home and my old one.”

Destination Review: Rock climbing at Little River Canyon
“These days the Canyon is clear of the cars, fridges, and washing machines that once marred its beauty. It is instead one of the most pristine nature preserves in the Southeast, known for its hiking trails and whitewater rapids. Equally impressive, however, are its striking sandstone cliffs.”

The Organic Growth of Del and Marte’s Lilly Pad Campground
When Del and Marte Scruggs bought Obed land in 1997, they didn’t know they’d soon share a home with hundreds of dirty climbers and their dogs.

“There wasn’t really a business plan or an idea to have a campground,” Del says. “It pretty much just happened.”

But when the couple’s friends realized the new property sat in the middle of one of Tennessee’s rock climbing meccas, they didn’t wait long to start staking tents.”

Women On Lead: Q&A with Ecuadorian climber Andrea Castillo

“The Andes Mountains run through the center of Ecuador, and volcanic rock abounds. The government has supported the bolting of routes throughout the sierra during the last decade, but the country isn’t quite on the climbing tourism map yet.”

Destination Review: Del and Marte’s Lilly Pad Campground
“Over the years, Del and Marte Scruggs have let Obed climbers transform their property into an idyllic campground, complete with cooking tables, a general store, and a communal fire pit. You’ll love it, your dog will love it, and you’ll never want to leave.”

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